The meaning of flowers

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ACACIA BLOSSOM - Concealed love; Beauty in Retirement;  Chaste Love
ACORN - Nordic Symbol of Life and immortality
AMBROSIA - Your Love is Reciprocated
AMARYLLIS - Pride; Pastoral Poetry
ANEMONE - Forsaken
ARBUTUS- Thee Only Do I Love
ASTER - Symbol of Love: Daintiness
AZALEA - Take Care of Yourself for Me; Temperance; Fragile Passion; Chinese Symbol of Womanhood

BACHELOR BUTTON - Single Blessedness
BEGONIA - Beware
BLUEBELL - Humility
CACTUS - Endurance
CAMELLIA  Admiration; Perfection; Good Luck, Gift to a Man
CAMELLIA  Pink - Longing for You
CAMELLIA  Red - You're a Flame in My Heart
CAMELLIA White - You're Adorable
CANDY TUFT - Indifference
CARNATION  General - Fascination; Divine Love
CARNATION  Pink - I'll Never Forget You CARNATION, Purple - Capriciousness
CARNATION  Red - My Heart Aches for You; Admiration
CARNATION  Solid Colour - Yes
CARNATION  Striped - No; Refusal; Sorry I Can't Be with You: Wish l Could Be with You
CARNATION  White - Sweet and Lovely; Innocence; Pure Love; Woman's Good Luck Gift
CARNATION  Yellow - You Have Disappointed Me; Rejection
CATTAIL - Peace; Prosperity
CHRYSANTHEMUM  General - You're A Wonderful Friend; Cheerfulness and Rest

CHRYSANTHEMUM  Yellow - Slighted Love

COREOPSIS - Always Cheerful
CROCUS - Cheerfulness
CYCLAMEN - Resignation and Good-bye
DAFFODIL - Regard; Unrequited Love; You're the Only One; The Sun is Always Shining When I'm with You
DAISY - Innocence; Loyal Love; I'll Never Tell; Purity
DANDELION - Faithfulness; Happiness
FERN - Magic; Fascination; Confidence and Shelter
FERN Maidenhair - Secret Bond of Love
FIR - Time
FLAX - Domestic Symbol
FORGET-ME-NOT- True Love; Memories
FORSYTHIA - Anticipation
GARDENIA - You're Lovely: Secret Love
GARLIC - Courage; Strength
GERANIUM -"Stupidity; Folly
GLADIOLUS - I'm Really Sincere; Flower of the Gladiators
GLOXINIA - Love at First Sight
GRASS - Submission
HEATHER   Lavender - Admiration; Solitude
HEATHER   White - Protection; Wishes will Come True
HOLLY - Defense; Domestic Happiness

HYACINTH  General - Games and Sports; Rashness: Flower Dedicated to Apollo
HYACINTH  Blue - Constancy
HYACINTH  Purple - I Am Sorry; Please Forgive Me: Sorrow
HYACINTH  Red or Pink - Play
HYACINTH  White- Loveliness; I'll Pray for You
HYACINTH  Yellow - Jealousy
HYDRANGEA - Thank You for Understanding; Frigidity; Heartlessness
IRIS - Fleur-de-Lis, Emblem of France: Your Friendship Means So Much to Me; Faith; Hope; Wisdom and Valour; My Compliments

IVY - Wedded Love; Fidelity; Friendship; Affection
IVY SPRIG OF WHITE TENDRILS -Anxious to Please; Affection
JONQUIL - Love Me; Affection Returned; Desire; Sympathy; Desire for Affection Returned
LARKSPUR  Pink - Fickleness
LILY  Calla - Beauty
LILY  Day - Coquetry; Chinese Emblem for Mothers
LILY  Eucharis - Maiden Charms
LILY  Orange - Hatred
LILY  Tiger - Wealth; Pride
LILY  White - Virginity; Purity; Majesty; It's Heavenly to Be with You
LILY  Yellow - I'm Walking on Air; False and Gay
LILY-0F-THE-VALLEY - Sweetness; Tears of the Virgin Mary; Return to Happiness; Humility; You've Made My Life Complete
MAGNOLIA - Nobility

MARIGOLD - Cruelty: Grief Jealousy
MISTLETOE - Kiss me; Affection; To Surmount Difficulties; Sacred Plant of India; Magic Plant of the Druids
MONKSHOOD - Beware; A Deadly Foe is Near
MOSS - Maternal Love; Charity
MYRTLE - Love; Hebrew Emblem of Marriage
NARCISSUS - Egotism; Formality; Stay as Sweet as You Are
NASTURTIUM - Conquest; Victory in Battle
NUTS - Stupidity
OLEANDER - Caution
ORANGE BLOSSOM - Innocence; Eternal Love; Marriage and Fruitfulness
ORCHID - Love; Beauty; Refinement; Beautiful Lady; Chinese Symbol for Many Children
ORCHID  Cattleya - Mature Charm
PALM LEAVES - Victory and Success
PEONY - Shame; Gay Life; Happy Marriage
PETUNIA - Resentment; Anger; Your Presence Soothes me
PINE - Hope; Pity

POPPY  General - Eternal Sleep; Oblivion; Imagination
POPPY  Red - Pleasure
POPPY  White - Consolation
POPPY  Yellow - Wealth; Success
PRIMROSE - I Can't Live Without You
PRIMROSE - Evening - Inconstancy

ROSE  Bridal - Happy Love
ROSE  Christmas - Tranquilize My Anxiety; Anxiety
ROSE  Coral - Desire
ROSE  Damask - Persian Ambassador of Love
ROSE  Dark Crimson - Mourning
ROSE  Dark Pink - Thankfulness
ROSE  Lavender - Enchantment
ROSE LEAF - You May Hope
ROSE  Orange - Fascination
ROSE  Pale Peach - Modesty
ROSE  Pale Pink - Grace, Joy
ROSE  Red - Love, Respect

ROSE  Single Full Bloom - I Love You; I Still Love You
ROSE  Tea - I'll Remember; Always
ROSE Thorn less - Love at First Sight
ROSE  White - Innocence and Secrecy
ROSE  White and Red Together - Unity White on Red Together - Flower Emblem of England
ROSE  Yellow - Joy, Friendship
ROSEBUD - Beauty and Youth; A Heart Innocent of Love
ROSEBUD  Moss - Confessions of Love
ROSEBUD  Red - Pure and Lovely
ROSEBUD  White - Girlhood

ROSES  Bouquet of Full Bloom - Gratitude
ROSES  Garland or Crown of - Reward of Merit; Crown Symbol of Superior Merit
ROSES  Musk Cluster - Charming
SMILAX - Loveliness
SNAPDRAGON - Deception; Gracious Lady
SPIDER FLOWER - Elope with Me
STEPHANOTIS - Happiness in Marriage; Desire to Travel
STOCK - Bonds of Affection; Promptness; You'll Always Be Beautiful to Me
SWEET PEA - Good-bye; Departure; Blissful Pleasure; Thank You for a Lovely Time
TULIP  General - Perfect Lover; Fame; Flower Emblem of Holland
TULIP Red - Believe Me; Declaration of Love
TULIP Variegated - Beautiful Eyes
TULIP Yellow - There's Sunshine in Your Smile
VIOLET- Modesty
VIOLET  Blue - Watchfulness; Faithfulness; I'll Always Be True
VIOLET  White - Let's Take a Chance on Happiness
VISCARIA -Will You Dance with Me?
ZINNIA  Magenta - Lasting Affection
ZINNIA  Mixed - Thinking (or in Memory) of an Absent Friend
ZINNIA  Scarlet - Constancy
ZINNIA  White - Goodness
ZINNIA  Yellow - Daily Remembrance