About us

This section is about us, well actually, it's only me! I work on my own from home, my workshop is my garage, but let me tell you all about it ......
                                                      My Story
Ever since I can remember, I have always loved flowers! I don't remember the exact time I actually started doing flowers for friends and family, but I did the flowers for my own wedding back in 1993.
So floristry was a hobby until I moved to Cyprus in 2005. All my working life had been in field of finance but when I saw an ad for a part time florist at a wedding venue, I went for it; a chance to break free and do something that I really loved.
I started work at Zucchini weddings and, after a  few months, the head florist left and I was promoted. I was a bit overwhelmed at first but soon got into the swing of things, with a wedding nearly every day between April and Oct I had to learn fast.
I enjoyed five brilliant years in Cyprus but then family ties pulled me home to England. Since coming back I have worked part time in a school for autistic children which is very rewarding and resumed doing flowers for family and friends.
However a recent event in my life has made me believe that the time is right to return to flowers.
I lost a very dear friend, the family asked me to do the coffin flowers, which was a great honour. I knew what it cost me to make the flowers, but when I researched florist prices I was appalled; the mark-up was almost 600%!
Whether a loved one dies, or you're getting married, you want the best you can afford; I know this from personal experience and I want to offer my skills.
The aim for my business is to provide quality arrangements; at a sensible and reasonable price!